The path continues

It is the path that sees us on a lifelong journey. It is the story of humble and daily fidelity to one’s vocation: a long, beautiful story, not without difficulties and falls, but sustained by the presence of the Lord, the faithful God, and by fraternal help.

In each day’s journey of faithfulness, we desire to grow more and more in:

humble and daily fidelity
  • Looking at the past with gratitude: welcoming the gift that from our Mother Foundress comes down to us, through the witness of an incarnated charism, alive and life-giving, capable of transforming us again to welcome the challenge that this “change of epoch” of ours delivers.
  • Living the present with passion: growing in a process of gradual and mutual belonging — to the Lord and to each other — in which to make visible the power and beauty of the Holy Spirit’s working.
  • Embracing the future with hope: a hope that is “grounded in the One in whom we have placed our trust” and will enable consecrated life to continue to bear good fruit in the future, toward which we are called to keep our gaze turned.
    To embrace the future with hope is to welcome an unbalance forward, toward an unknown that does not yet belong to us, and to experience together the possibility and capacity to activate transformative processes to respond wisely to the questions of meaning and life of this time.

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