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Being daughters of the Seraphic Father St. Francis

In the Assisi of 1200, a young man, Francis, discovers that his dream of happiness and full life is realized by following the poor life of the Lord Jesus.

Ever since in the gaze of the Crucifix in the little church of San Damiano he had encountered the Love of God who makes Himself a gift to the end on the cross, his heart has been attracted by the only beauty that can conquer death and that makes us cross all death with Him: the ardent charity of the Son of God.

Throughout the centuries there have been many men and women who have chosen to live following the example of Francis of Assisi, and one of them is also our Mother Foundress so much so that she describes herself and the other sisters as “her true daughters.”
Suor Maria Giuseppa and the sisters, following the path of the Poverello of Asssisi wanted to be a reflection of that light that the Saint left to the world and which still, after more than 800 years, continues to illuminate the steps of many.

her true daughters


St. Francis wanted to live like Jesus, free from all possessions, to love as He loved. So one day he stripped himself of everything and, in the Piazza of Assisi, before the Bishop, he gave everything he had back to his father Pietro di Bernardone.

Francis left behind all his riches to live as a poor man among the poor, with the simple and joyful heart of God’s beggars, and from “king of the feasts” he became a servant of the last, the excluded, the lepers, contemplating the mystery of “the one who wanted to be born an Infant to make Himself loved and not feared.”


The quest for admiration and first places that had driven the young St. Francis of Assisi is transformed into a passion for the proclamation of the Gospel that moves him on the streets of the world to proclaim the Father’s mercy, Peace and forgiveness.

It is the center of Franciscan spirituality so much so that it is the incipit of the Rule of Life that Francis leaves to his friars.


“the Lord gave me brothers” (ff 116).

Fraternity for Francis is an unexpected gift and not immediately easy to welcome because it leads to a new situation: brothers are given, they are not chosen or owned, but only can be welcomed and loved as they are, with their weaknesses and diversity.

The fraternal dimension is constitutive of Francis’ experience and his Christian proposal: he discovered God in his encounter with his leprous brothers and then again in his encounter with his brother friars. Only through the brothers around him would Francis understand his own vocation to live according to the form of the holy Gospel.


The ardent and daring love of the Poverello of Assisi for the Lord shows her the way of Perfect Lettership to his disciples and in the mysterious design of the Father makes Suor Maria Giuseppa follow in everything and to the end the way of the Saint.

For her, it is not only the Franciscan habit, which she receives from the hands of the then Father General of the Friars Minor (Padre Bernardino di Portogruaro) that is a sign of profound belonging to the Franciscan charism, but it is recognizing in every frailty, as in lepers for Francis, the place of the encounter with God, of His manifesting Himself to men.