Suor Maria Giuseppa felt called together with her religious family to live out Franciscan spirituality and, like Francis, place at the center of all action the contemplation of the mystery of the birth of the Son of God in Bethlehem.

Let my dear daughters see how it is God's will that they be with me poor, true daughters of the Poverello of Assisi and know how to appreciate so great a gift of being numbered among the Seraphic Order.

In her, as in Francis, charity, the soul of every life consecrated to love, is central.

As charity once formed, according to the Savior, the badge of his disciples, so now it constitutes the character and physiognomy of you daughters of Saint Francis who was called the seraphim of Assisi.

The charity that Suor Maria Giuseppa places at the center of her form of life is apostolic in nature. She feels called to live and realize love of God and neighbor within a service of charity, in which she discovers and serves Jesus present in her neighbor and in the humility of the Incarnation.

All the more that you are obliged to the vow of charity under the protection and title, and with the inspiration and impulse of the Infant Jesus. Now Jesus, who was born as an Infant to make Himself loved and not feared by His almighty breath, must fan the flame of your love and your charity must be the model and exemplar.