With God, Dreams Come True

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In my younger years, I dreamed and planned to be a businesswoman, maybe because I stayed for quite some time with relatives who were business-minded and were successfully engaged in their family enterprise. I also thought of becoming a teacher. I remember that when I was a child, I used to role-play as a teacher to my Cousins which delighted my mother because according to her, I knew how to make visual aids even at my very young age. When I reached college, I wanted to take up Education but was advised by my family and other relatives to take up Food Technology instead, because of my ability for cooking and for preparing delicacies. As expected, during my student years, I started having my own small-scale business such as selling beauty products, clothes, fashion accessories, and other things. I discovered that I was really good in that field and I found out that it was a good way of earning a living.

After my graduation, I became involved with direct selling companies and I also worked as an Underwriter of an Insurance firm. While I was enjoying making money, I was also serving the Lord as an active member of the Catholic Charismatic Community in our diocese. One night during my prayer time, these questions suddenly came to my mind, “Are you happy with your life now Can money make you happy?” These queries made me stop and think seriously about my life. After a long period of discernment, I understood that God was inviting me to search for a deeper meaning in my life. As a response to His invitation to follow Him closely, I decided to try the religious life while I was still young. I thought that if I would find out that it was not for me, then, I could continue my life outside doing business. 

I entered the FMIJ congregation to give it a try and find out if religious life was the one intended for me by God. During the aspirancy or the “Come and See” period, it was there that I became attracted to the life of the sisters.I saw in them how happy they were despite leaving everything to follow the Lord. After some months of staying in the convent, I found joy, peace, and meaning in life. I thought of just trying or experimenting but my heart confirmed that it was the life I was searching for. It was indeed, not easy for me to decide whether to continue or not my religious formation at that moment because my family was depending on me financially. However, I was told by my parents not to worry because surely God would take care of them. After four years of religious formation with all the good experiences, challenges, and trials. I had my First Profession of Vows. At that moment, God showed me how much He really loved me. The first mission given to me as a Junior sister was to minister to young people which I enjoyed because I used to be an active youth leader and catechist to the children in our barrio. It was a wonderful experience to work with the young because as I taught them, I also learned from them.I realized that our life journey is a continuous learning process. Every day, we try our best to Iive the GospeL vatues folowing the examples of our Father Francis and our Mother Foundress.

In the communities, we strive to live together as sisters – loving and caring for each other as we live out our goal to “love Jesus in our neighbor and our neighbor in Jesus”. In 2010, I professed my Final YES to the Holy ONE who called and chose me for this kind of life, As an FMIJ, I can feel God’s grace that sustains me day by day. My vocation within a vocation is to love and care for the young. For twelve years up to this writing, I have been a companion, sister, friend, and formator to the young people wherever I may be, reaching out to them personally or through social media.

This year 2024, marks my 20th year in the religious way of life and I thank God for all His abundant blessings bestowed on me. He is always there showing me the way and guiding me what to do. He sends people to assist me in times of need. I realized also that the dreams I had in my younger years were fulfilled in the religious life. I aspired to be a teacher and the Lord allowed me to teach for seven years in our school. When I became the Vocation Dire Tress, I was able to go around like a businesswoman, promoting the Church and the religious life not any more products for sale. More importantly, whenever I am asked to talk to a group of people, I make it a point to speak about Jesus, promoting His Words and His deeds. I have also encouraged people to have an Insurance Plan not only for their earthly life but for life eternal.

With God, dreams come true, everything is possible!

Sr. Sharon A. Templanza, FMIJ
Malinao, Aklan, Philippines